Home Design

The foundation of our firm's work has always been of and for the home, whether a renovation of a bathroom, an addition, or new construction. We've found that while many elements of design are universal, especially as they relate to residential architecture, real success only comes through an understanding of the way each client lives, what they find most important, and what they expect. By listening to you, and designing with you, we will create beautiful places for you.

Commercial, Public, and Ecclesiastical Design

What sets us apart from other Architects is the steadfast application of timeless design principles. Just because it's not for a living room or a master suite doesn't mean it ceases to apply, regardless of the use or the budget. After all, many of us spend more time at our workplace than in our home, making the quality of the design and the sensitivity to the user more important than ever. A church is, in the words of their own congregation, "a House of the Lord" and what is a library or a community center if it's spaces fail to be comfortable or livable? Simply put, we specialize in providing good buildings, which is our duty, and great spaces, which is our specialty.

Project Management

With decades of experience in design and construction, including general contracting, we understand better than most that a good design is incomplete without quality management and oversight throughout the building process. Committing the plans to paper is only the beginning; turning your vision into reality demands management with a team approach. Let us be your partner and advocate through the process of construction, ensuring that you get the most out of your design.

Professional Consultation

Do you have a design in hand but are concerned with its viability? Do you have a property and are unsure of how to proceed? Are you unsure of how your vision might conflict with local codes and zoning ordinances? Would you simply appreciate a "second set of eyes" on whatever you'd like to accomplish? Let us put our experience to work for you, or just give us a call to discuss any plans you might have. We are ready and eager to help.