From large estates in Preston Hollow, to stately villas in Highland Park, family homes in Bluffview, second homes in California wine country, and luxurious Caribbean getaways, Smith Ekblad's unique blend of classical principles and contemporary flourishes have made their mark within a number of different settings and sizes. Many of the projects we are the most proud of are renovations which while often quite small in scope, have made an immeasurable difference in the quality of life within a home. In addition to 64 years of residential practice, Cole Smith Sr., has also participated in numerous design symposiums and pilgrimages to Europe, studying the very works which have served as inspiration to our firm since its inception.


While commercial and public work brings a different set of requirements and challenges to the table, many of the guiding principles of design are the same, whether we are dealing with an office space or a bedroom suite. Good design means livable space no matter the use, and from community centers to corporate headquarters, we pride ourselves in our ability to create places which, in addition to meeting the spatial and budgetary needs, elevate the users' experience: bringing a touch of home to the workplace.